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Linda A. Wilson, Founder & Designer

Helping you sell or create a beautiful home

As an experienced Home Stager and Re-Stylist, Linda specializes in “Shopping in Your Home,” to transform ordinary rooms by rearranging your own furnishings, artwork and accessories into fresh, functional and stylish spaces. She has staged, re-styled, downsized and organized small and large houses, condos, tiny studios, and apartments for clients in Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Florida, Texas and New Mexico.


Linda’s years of experience in a variety of creative arenas−including advertising, the theater, and art museums−nurtured her great “eye” for design. And, her nonprofit experience in raising funds for various worthy causes honed her ability to “do more with less.”  


As a result, she brings a truly unique combination of creative design and budget-conscious sensibility to help sell or create beautiful homes.


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About the Designer

Photo by Chris Kagy

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