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Home Staging for Sale

Make your home appealing to buyers! Linda will help you:

  • De-personalize

  • De-clutter, sell, donate, or store temporarily

  • Designate and stage each room for a specific purpose

  • Paint and/or update as necessary

  • Go shopping in your home: Re-purpose your own furnishings, art, and accessories

  • Rent or buy items only as necessary



Home Re-Styling

Enjoy a fresh, functional and stylish home makeover. Linda will help you:

  • Decide how and who you want to use your home

  • Look at the entire home as your overall lifestyle design

  • Design and designate each room for a specific purpose

  • De-clutter, sell, or donate

  • Plan your re-styling project and obtain estimates

  • Go shopping in your home: Re-purpose and organize your own furnishings, art and accessories

  • Buy new items only as necessary

  • Paint and update as necessary


Home Downsizing + Organizing

Begin a new lifestyle in a comfortable smaller space. Linda will help you:

  • Picture your new lifestyle in a smaller space

  • Plan what activities you’ll do there and how

  • Set a timeline for the transition

  • Ask for help (if you need it)

  • Decide on “must-haves” for comfort

  • Photograph, measure and design the new space

  • Go shopping in your old home: Use your own items to furnish the new space

  • Choose your favorite right-size items to fit the new space

  • De-clutter, sell, or donate 

  • Stage the old home for sale (if you're selling)


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