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"As I walk around my living room, foyer, and bedroom, I appreciate Linda. She did some amazing re-arranging and

re-styling of my house. I'm still following up (painting a lamp, hanging a rug, removing clutter), but the change surprises me because it took place so quickly. It is impressive what a fresh pair of talented eyes can do. Linda did not bring in new furniture, but just found ways to emphas ize my good stuff. A special talent is her sense of color and ability to group the right colors together. Thanks, Linda!”

 Anne, Alexandria, VA

“I moved into my studio apartment downtown with nothing but an air mattress, a fold-out chair, and a rock-bottom budget. Linda helped me find pieces that were functional, beautiful, and reasonably priced. She transformed my studio into a gorgeous, luxurious home that I’m excited to return to each day. If she can help me, she can help anybody!”

— Stacy, Washington, D.C.

“Linda’s eye for how to best display the things you already have is amazing. Her museum and design background have given her a keen sense of how to arrange artwork, select the proper height, and use your pieces strategically. As a bonus, she teaches you the ‘secrets’ along the way. She is a pleasure to work with, very patient, and extremely budget-conscious. Now we can buy furniture and artwork with confidence. I highly recommend her!”

— Debra, Arlington, Va.

“Linda took a very ordinary looking dining area in my condominium and transformed it into a beautiful setting suited for an elegant dinner, using my own furnishings and accessories in ways I had never considered. She rearranged everything, “de-cluttered,” and even used my antique sewing machine as a perfect service bar. I was quite pleased with her work, and the end result looked fantastic. She is extremely knowledgeable about elements of style and design, and I would highly recommend her for decorating or staging your home.”

— Virginia in Alexandria, Va.

“Prior to Linda’s revised edition, my living/dining room was what I thought of as comfortable. However, over one evening and most of the next day, she transformed that one large room from what I later realized had been ‘technical guy utilitarian’ into two separate spaces - a warm and inviting sitting area and a flexible dining space. As Linda describes, she utilized existing furniture, art, etc. as well as ‘found’ art/objects. She could visualize potential spatial differences that just didn’t register with me. A couple of days after she left, I moved the sofa the 8” she had suggested before leaving which resulted in a big improvement in the feel of the sitting area. The new hasn’t worn off and every time I walk into Linda’s version of my living room, I like it more. I look forward to incorporating her ideas into the revisions I’ll make in my bath and future kitchen upgrades. Thanks again!”

— Blaine in Albuquerque, N.M.

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